Busselton Concreting

A proud maker of high quality specialised concrete products

Busselton Concreting also specialises on other products like concrete tables, concrete benchtops and concrete letterboxes. We have an extensive variation of these products to choose from. It will add elegance to your indoor or outdoor space (patio, kitchen living room, pool area, garden and etc.).

Concrete Table

Our tables exude uniqueness and versatility. It can adapt to any style and surroundings. It is exceptionally sturdy and durable, long lasting and can withstand any weather conditions. Our concrete tables are meticulously done by hand same as our concrete benchtops to avoid defects and imperfections. Since concrete is versatile and mouldable you can request for a customised design, or you can just choose from any of our available designs. Any of those can fit to your style.

Concrete Dining Table

Our dining tables are suitable for any type of kitchen. We have variety of design and ideas to choose from. It can be used in either residential or commercial spaces. If you want to go a more modern and minimalist look, concrete dining table is right for you. It features a simple but striking look.

A concrete dining table can achieve a cosy restaurant feel. You can go from round, square or rectangular shapes. It will still be a perfect accent to your room.

Concrete Outdoor or Garden Table

You will no longer worry about your outdoor furniture being damaged because of extreme weather condition. You can just leave it under the rain or under the scorching heat of the sun.

Our outdoor garden and dining table is incredibly durable and long lasting. It can withstand any type of climate. Browse our gallery for extensive collection of our designs.

Concrete Letterboxes

Busselton Concreting letterboxes stand out among the rest. We only use the finest concrete and material to make it long lasting. It radiates stylishness. We have a vast collection of neutral colours to match your preferred style. You can also customise your own design and mimic different elements (natural stone or brick). You can also customise your own colour. A concrete letterbox can be more cost effective than a brick letterbox. It can also suit your property even with your brick fence.

As concrete being amazingly versatile and durable, it is primarily and popularly used for concrete floors, concrete slabs, concrete house pads, concrete foot paths, concrete wall panels, concrete driveways, concrete retaining walls and even concrete swimming pools. We should thank modern innovation and architecture for our concrete furniture.